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2020 Weekend Cinema in Our Town’s Orientation Day
  • 2020-08-13
⚓️UNESCO Creative City of Film Busan is carrying out a support program for local film communities and community cinemas in Busan, called “Weekend Cinema in Our Town”. in order to invigorate Busan’s cinematic cultural atmosphere☘️

On August 11, City of Film Busan held an orientation for 6 participating groups of Weekend Cinema in Our Town. During the orientation, an instruction for the support program and the screening equipment was delivered while having an advising session with JEONG Jina, the programer of Cinefolk which is one of the representative community cinema in Busan, in order to give more essential information of activities of community cinemas🤩

Even though it was the first time to greet each other, participants built up a friendly atmosphere while sharing colorful ideas. Hope you all paying attention to the upcoming activities of these 6 groups of Weekend Cinema in Our Town!🎬👏

⭐️Participating Groups of 2020 Weekend Cinema in Our Town
▪️2020 Green Film Commune #Environment #HumanRights
▪️11th Busan Peace Film Festival #Peace #Family
▪️Weekly Cinema in Gwangan #Gwangan #SpaceNara
▪️Very Ordinary Movie VOM